Undercover Colors: More than just Nail Polish

The Alarming Number of Rape Cases
It’s an unfortunate side of reality that no one wants to think about. It’s the fact that sexual assaults, rape, and cases of advantage happen everyday. People fall victim when they are least expecting it. Women fall prey to unwanted sexual advances often when they are in a public place such as a bar or a party where alcohol is involved. It can happen if a woman is out by herself, with a group of friends, or in a one on one setting. Now days, women have to be especially careful when online dating. They’re meeting up with someone they don’t know and sometimes that can be a recipe for disaster.

It’s Not Always Feasible To Keep An Eye On Your Drink
People always say that women especially need to be constantly vigilant when they’re drinking. They need to monitor their surroundings and keep their eye on their drink. They should do things like tell the bartender when they’re on a date with someone for the first time. As great of ideas as these are, they’re not always practical and sometimes people don’t always remember to do these things when they’re out having a good time. Unfortunately there are people out there who are looking forward to these opportunities so that they can do something sinister. There are serial rapists out there who know exactly what to look for in an unsuspecting victim.

A Genius Idea Is Born
Rape culture is somewhat of a taboo topic. People’s opinions differ on what exactly rape is, how often it happens, and what the criteria is. People shy away from discussing it an coming up with ways to prevent it. Thankfully, a group of male engineers didn’t let that deter them from coming up with a creative solution and prevention product when it comes to date rape. They have created Undercover Colors, a nail polish that will detect when something is put in a drink. The nail polish is designed to change color if a drink has been tampered with. It’s creative, it’s practical, and it’s saving lives.

How Does It Work?
All a lady has to do is apply the nail varnish to her nails. If she suspects that her drink has been tampered with, all she has to do is dip a finger into the drink. If her polish changes colors then yes it has been. It’s an easy way to quietly and safely test a theory. Many women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime and this is an easy way to either prevent it or put a woman’s mind at ease if she’s nervous that her drink has been altered. The product is called Undercover Colors and is expected to be available this year. Overall, it will change lives and help prevent date rape from occurring.