The Top Natural Gas Drillers in the United States

There are quite a few oil drillers in the United States, and they are often not given much spotlight. These four large companies are doing a wonderful job when drilling in an environmentally friendly way, and this article explains how these companies are giving the finest services to the country. Oil drillers must drill in a safe manner, and these four are known for doing their finest work in America.

#1: Cunningham Energy
Cunningham Energy ( is a large company that has been drilling in America, and there quite a few different people who are looking for safer ways to drill including Cunningham Energy. The company has grown quite a lot in the past few years as they bring the best technology to the table to drill. Drilling is quite important as it adds to the American oil market, and Cunningham Energy offers many jobs to the public as a result.

#2: Seadrill
Seadrill drills off shore where they have made one of the largest pushes to create oil rigs. They are exploring often because they know there is large potential on the sea bed, and they want to ensure there is a way to supply all the oil refiners in America, and their rigs often dot the seas because they have created a better drilling system that creates jobs.

#3: Vermilion
Vermilion has done quite a lot of drilling in America, and they are known for the jobs they create in each market where they are drilling. They have built up large markets where they are drilling for oil. They have created many new techniques that will be used to help drill for oil in the safest manner possible, and they are hoping to help people who need jobs or wish to work in the industry.

#4: MV
MV is the last company on the list, but they are as powerful as the others. They have created many different jobs for the people living where they drill, and they are growing large drilling operations that help America create as many different jobs as possible.

Someone who wishes to study the oil industry, and there are many different people who are searching for a job that will make a difference in the world at-large. Cunningham, Vermillion, MV and Seadrill are all a part of a larger industry that is growing to help others. Every barrel of oil drilled brings jobs and commerce to America.

Nutritional Supplement Company Expands Product Offerings Globally

With head quarters in Texas, Mannatech Incorporated ( is a global company specializing in health and wellness. Their global operations supply products that transform lives. One of their main products is an exceptional line of essential oils. These oils are sent to Japan, Australia, Europe and South Africa. Mannatech has more than twenty years of experience in twenty-six countries.

At the annual MannaFest conference in Dallas, a new line of essential oils was revealed. This will be the first product available in the United States. This launch was so incredibly successful Mannatech is now supplying Taiwan, Canada and Korea as well.

Alfredo “Al” Bala is the companies CEO and feels this expansion is the beginning of a new era for Mannatech. His goal is to improve the lives of their customers with the marketing of their products across the world.

Mannatech has been able to formulate Glyconutrients into two different carrier oils. The first is a Sweet Almond and Aloe and the second a Fractionated Coconut and Aloe. The carrier oils will reduce potency since the concentration in the essential oils is so high. Several of the markets the company serves will also be offered Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. These oils come from natural plants and different cultures have been using them for centuries for their many benefits. They give support emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

There are numerous quality specifications Mannatech meets with their oils. They are tested for purity and do not contain any preservatives, synthetics or solvents. They are never tested on animals and meet all IFRA standards.

Mannatech has recently started supplying China with their Ambrotose products. The powder consists of aloe vera in a gel form. Also available will be a TruHealth system for the loss of fat, a nutritional shake and a product designed to boost the metabolism. The middle class in China is growing quickly and looking for a way to take care of the health needs of their families. This is why Mannatech created an e-commerce website to give these people access to the products they need.

Considering Mannatech has over a hundred patents in the global marketplace, they are able to offer a wide variety of products. All of the technology they use has been scientifically validated and published. These are natural products whose purpose is to ensure the health and well being of everyone they touch.

Tear Down This Mall? No, Reinvent it.

It was bound to happen. Sooner or later, the convenience of shopping online would become the “only” way to shop. Suddenly, the idea of the super malls on large acre sites is no longer the most desirable trend. Although it appears this may be the beginning of the end for these supersized shopping malls, commercial real estate planners and designers are already creating “malls of the future.”

Malls Downsize
The innovative real estate planners and designers of these futuristic malls have a better idea: Design malls that connect to the realistic type of shopping customers find most convenient. Shopping online does not fill all the needs of shoppers. However, surprisingly shoppers still want to  shop in high end stores with the most recognizable brand names. Think mini Rodeo Drive in local towns and cities.

Signs of Changes to Come in Shopping Malls
The loss of rentals of smaller shops in large shopping malls is proof shoppers are ready for big changes. Mall planners and designers are artisans when it comes to remodeling shopping malls.Their first challenge is to create new concepts that will encourage shoppers to want to step away from their online shopping sprees long enough to have a look at the items they need in upscale stores. The signs of changes to come in shopping malls have already begun in many states throughout the U.S.

If you look at mall developer Westfield, they tend to be creating these type of village shopping centers. Their CEO Peter Lowy recently spoke on the subject at a conference at UCLA on the matter. “As a landlord, we’re investing in the real estate that retailers want to be in.” And that is in this new model of shopping mall.

The New Way to Shop
Any plan or design for these new shopping sites would look more like an exclusive shopping “village.” The hours of operation depend on the specific site location. In some places, this might mean stores open with hours that cater to the needs of shoppers who shop early mornings or late at night.

The smaller “village” style shopping sites would necessarily provide casual and high end restaurants, jewelry, apparel and cosmetics.   Book stores for browsers are also a “must have.” These types of shops offer items that are not found online or would be too costly or to valuable to ship. By keeping these items solely for their onsite stores, customer patronage increases.


The Year Ahead: It’s Not a Startup Visa, but It’s Close

Nigel Sharp isn’t making any plans past May 2017. He’s a U.K. citizen trying to build a startup in the U.S., which means he can’t get a conventional employer-sponsored work visa. His temporary one, granted with the support of the University of Colorado at Boulder as part of an entrepreneurship program, expires on May 28. “I have no clear path on what happens afterward,” he says. “I’m sitting here in Boulder, panicking.” His last company, presentation-software business Lionsharp, got $550,000 from American venture funds two years ago but folded after failing to secure further investment. Too risky, he and his co-founders were told, until you can find a way to resolve your immigration status and stay in the U.S. for good.

That’s why Sharp, a fast-talking 31-year-old, is keeping close tabs on a proposal from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The inelegantly named entrepreneurial “parole” would allow visa-less startup types to stay in the country for two years, with a possible three-year extension, if they own at least 15 percent of a U.S.-based startup formed in the past three years that’s raised $345,000 in investment capital. Sharp has checked all those boxes before. (Lionsharp was incorporated in Delaware.) “It may be the salvation that allows me to stay in the U.S. this time around,” he says. His new venture makes software designed to automate data centers.

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Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Contributes to Economic Growth

The United States has returned back to traditional oil and natural gas production when it comes to renewable energy. There have been advances in hydraulic fracturing that have allowed energy companies to access the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves.

So how does hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” work? Fracking uses subterranean explosives to fracture rock formations. Then water and chemicals are pumped into the fractures. This helps to expand the cracks and release oil and natural gas. Fracking has helped rapid growth in the U.S. energy industry and seeing oil formations produce over a million barrels every day.

This has created jobs to grow by over 40 percent. IHS Global Insight estimates that by the end of 2015 the production industry will have created 870,000 jobs. Manufacturing growth in oilfield equipment leads to big jumps in profit, which require staff to for the demand from everything from rigs to pipes and pumps. Natural gas is producing jobs and economic benefits around the world.

It is so important to focus on reliable and affordable energy for our economy. Affordable supplies and equipment have helped process large amounts of natural energy production. This has helped invigorate the petrochemical industry that relies on feedstock to make plastics and the other building blocks of modern manufacturing. These supplies are strengthening America’s steel industry, which is building new mills and hiring more employees to support hydraulic fracturing. Areas where the production of hydraulic fracturing are occurring are experiencing economic growth, the creation of jobs and increased tax revenue.

One particular oil producer that engages in hydraulic fracturing is independent company, Cunningham Energy. Based in Charleston, West Virginia, Cunningham Energy ( is a leader in acquiring, exploring and producing oil gas in the Appalachian, Illinois and Williston Basins. Recently the company announced plans for two new shallow horizontal oil wells to be drilled in Kanawha County.

They believe that data has shown strong oil production in these shallow horizons. Cunningham Energy relies on past experiences with ever changing technology to succeed in efficient energy production. Innovation in the fracking process especially with Cunningham Energy, can provide benefits by balancing environmental costs helping the United States catapult toward energy independence (